maandag 25 november 2013

Westlife - You raise me up 

London: "When I'm still awake here in the silence, until you come and sit a while with me."

There is always that one person who know you better than you do yourself. Always that one person who tell you, you can surpass that mountain in time it may have seem impossible. There is always that person who's sitting beside you, even when you didn't realize her of him sitting there and in the end you realize you would never been able to eventually stand on to of that mountain, if the person next to you, right next to you on that mountain, wouldn't have been there for you all the time. You have always a person you admire, and the person I admire most, is the person who is always sitting right beside me even when I don't realize she's there.

I was inspired by cuteness when I wanted to wear this lovely coat from Milanoo. The coat is so fluffy and has bear ears! How can that not be adorable? Though I was inspired by cuteness, I still wanted to give it a dark touch. And so I did with the dark velvet skirt and the dark YSL lipstick. I adore the design of YSL lipstick, but I'm not very fond of the lipstick itself though, though the color is truly amazing!

Coat: Milanoo - Top: Tidestore - Skirt: Lavish Alice - Shoes: MaxStar


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